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DEME, formerly, is the first and only comprehensive cloud enablement software, combining a holistic approach to cloud management and a proactive solution for cloud governance.

The name "Deme" comes from "Demeter" who in Greek mythology was the goddess of agriculture and responsible for protecting crops and ensuring the fertility of grains, she was the one who nourished the earth. 

Deme believes that it is from a healthy diet that we obtain the necessary energy to help build health, thinking with awareness and responsibility with nature. We offer healthier eating habits, as well as creating a sense of community that connects customers with farmers by ensuring fresh food every day.

The identity was created inspired by energy, flora and nature. For the logo, a special design was created in the shape of the leaves for each letter of the naming, which convey the connection with life. The colors and illustrations were inspired by the flora, bringing modern and charismatic combinations. Its tones, applied in illustrations and organic graphics, bring strength and joy to the language.

A brand that promotes collaboration, sustainability, renovation, nutrition, development, life and community.

This artwork originally designed by Matheus Morales and appeared on Behance.