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Nou is a young handmade clothing brand from Cape Town, South Africa that produces eco-friendly garments. The apparel aims to add more comfort into the daily life of people, especially during the pandemic. The Nou's clothing design philosophy relies in simplicity, pastel shades, and a lack of patterns - they highly value comfort and relax feeling. The company also claims that there is a possibility to provide comfort clothing taking care of nature, and they do so. Thus, the brand uses organic cotton in their apparel production that is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.


The brand identity's main goal was to convey the company's sustainability positioning and its focus on providing comfort clothing. The overall visual design was created to support the apparel minimalist style and reflect its values. The dark purple/blue color stands as a main design element getting most of the attention: it symbolises calmness, peace, and reliability - what people are the most lack of lately. Small sans serif type puts an emphasis on simplicity, while the "o" letter in the logo symbolises a relaxed feeling and a struggle against perfection.


Ohalo's proposal is to bring lightness and tranquility to people's day, enabling experiences that permeate both physical and mental health.

The brand's speech brings with it a conscious and honest gratitude, without hyperbole. Ohalo believes that the balance of body and mind is the way for positive changes to happen.


Halo is a ring of light that surrounds a celestial body, sun or moon, a natural phenomenon that appears when light is reflected and refracted by millions of ice crystals, at an angle of 22º in the atmosphere, and can be divided into colors by account of the dispersion, colors very close to the rainbow.


The symbol was created from the junction of the sun and the moon to represent the balance making contrasts: light and dark; cold and hot; ying and yang; perfect contrasts. The circles were made with a golden ratio and the angle between them is 22º according to the angle of the crystals for the appearance of the phenomenon. As it is a handmade product and there is also a variation of colors from the angle of the crystals, some optical adjustments were also made in the composition of the symbol to bring the concept "made by hand".

This artwork originally designed by Studio Sowieso and appeared on Behance.




Studio Sowieso