Unikitch is a company founded by members of the progressive healthcare community, tackling the complex health tech landscape through sincerity, humanity, and a results-driven approach.

Unikitch contacted us to develop an identity that would unify several brands under which they produced and traded kitchen tools from their factory near Yiwu (China). The company, unlike many companies producing products for the domestic and international markets and made in China, had a special sensibility to apply design and sustainability principles to their products.

Before starting the project, we visited their facilities where we got to know the partners, the design team, the production processes and the wide range of products. At this point, they showed us their concern to unify the different brands under a single one and to position themselves as a brand of quality products so that the buyers could recognise and opt for them more easily, whether in shops selling quality kitchenware or in high-end neighbourhood bazars.

For the development of the logo we based our work on the design of a handle (a common element in many of their products: from a silicone spatula to a non-stick paella pan) on which we attached the word Unikitch and which adapts in each application to represent a different product for each application, being able to create multiple shapes and logos without losing its memorability.

For the graphic code of the brand, we designed graphics based on the movement made with Unikitch kitchen products: circular movements, cutting, kneading, etc., creating an abstract graphic universe that can be understood and that helped us to enrich the brand environment and that should come to life in the packaging of the products.

The packs were designed with the aim of helping people to read the information, making it easier for them to find that which had the most value for them in their country, as the packs often had to be printed in several languages, the aim was to create a structure that would encourage the identification of the brand’s products on the point-of-sale shelves, differentiating it from competing products that could be sold in the same establishments.

Given the wide variety of products, packs and labels to be developed, we provided mock-ups and basic documents so that Unikitch’s internal design team could develop each of them as they had to renew the packaging. Together with these bases, an application manual was prepared containing the application guidelines, graphic elements, look & feel and photographic art direction, brand building possibilities, etc. so that everything could be applied and grow in the direction conceived in the brand building project.

A brand of products for the kitchen “Made in China” with a special sensitivity to what design could bring, both in product development and in its international projection, which turned to a European design studio to approach a language more suitable for its public.

This artwork originally designed by Toormix Design Agency and appeared on Behance.